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How to correctly measure your wrist Order Bracelets

Order Bracelets made of leather will be much easier if you know the correct size of his wrist. 
When you place an order for a leather bracelet, we want to fit properly! Below are simple instructions that describe how to measure your wrist. 

Method. A (a flexible measuring tape) 
Using a flexible measuring tape *, measure just above (towards elbow), wrist bones, and then write down your measurements on paper. Add to your measuring 1 cm 

Below is an example image to show you how to measure your wrist with a flexible measuring tape. 

Размер браслета

Method B (a strip of paper) 
* Tip: If you do not have easy flexible measuring tape, you can use a strip of paper or thin string to measure the size of your wrist. Make sure that you are making a mark on a strip of paper, from which it is superimposed on the wrist. Once you have made your mark, place the strip on a flat surface and measure it with a ruler. Add to your measuring 1 cm

Размер Браслета

Измерение браслета

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